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Section 2 KCS Practices and Techniques

Content is King! Knowledge is at the Heart of KCS


KCS processes are organized into three components: Knowledge (KCS articles), the Solve Loop, and the Evolve Loop. Knowledge is at the heart of KCS. It must be timely, findable and usable by a target audience. The practices in the Solve and Evolve Loops are focused on creating and maintaining knowledge articles throughout the workflow.


To make knowledge relevant and findable, it is captured and structured during the problem solving process and in the context of the target audience. In KCS, the search process itself generates knowledge. A KCS article captures the requestors issue (in their own words) as well as the responder's perspective in documenting the experience of solving a problem or answering a question. Once captured, KCS articles are improved over time based on demand and usage with the concept "reuse is review." This knowledge maintenance life cycle continues indefinitely as the knowledge evolves.

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The "context of the target audience" sometimes called "customer's context" or "searcher's context" is a good example of why knowledge isn't perfect on first creation - ie you can only capture that person's context - their words and phrases in describing the problem or stating the question. That's good for now - and will help some - so publish it. Over time the article will get even better as it collects other "sesrcher's context".
Posted 14:15, 16 Feb 2016
Great example added it.
Posted 07:31, 17 Feb 2016
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