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Additional Resources

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Prior to reading this document we suggest starting with the KCS Principles and Core Concepts.  This document describes the fundamentals beliefs on which KCS is built.  The KCS Principles apply to multiple practices.  They don't tell how to do something, they tell you why we are doing what we do. A core concept is based on one or more principles. Core concepts are more specific and more numerous than the principles.


The KCS Adoption Guide complements the KCS Practices Guide and the "Measurement Matters" paper. The KCS Adoption Guide is the accumulation of twenty five years of experiences by the staff and members of the Consortium for Service Innovation. This guide provides a step-by-step approach for planning a KCS adoption. Our aim is to share what we have learned about what makes for a successful KCS adoption and help you avoid some of the common mistakes.  The KCS Adoption Guide, the "Measurement Matters" paper, and other important KCS reference material are available for free from the Consortium and can be downloaded from the web site at www.serviceinnovation.org or www.thekcsacademy.net.


The Consortium has created the KCS Academy (www.thekcsacademy.net).

The KCS Academy is the source for KCSsm resources and the certifying body for KCS. The Academy offers KCS certification for people and KCS Verified and Aligned designations for tools and services. The KCS Academy is a network of KCS practitioners and vendors who support the successful adoption of KCS and contribute to the continuous improvement of the KCS methodology across all knowledge-intensive industries.

A Note on Usage and Style

In writing this document, we have made two assumptions about its use. First, although we like to read it through repeatedly, we expect that few people will read the entire publication cover-to-cover in one sitting. We have chosen to link to the sections of other documents that provide the foundation information needed for understanding by KCS Practice.


Secondly, we are expecting that readers will come from different environments, the original Consortium members came from customer facing support and internal help desk support environments.  Much of the context, vocabulary and examples come from the customer support world. We have attempted to present the concepts generically so that they will be easily understood, and we hope our word choice will not limit comprehension. We have provided a glossary in Appendix B to help define the terminology we use in KCS.  Please feel free to "Flag it or Fix it" by adding comments at the bottom of the page.

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