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Why KCS?

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There are both quantifiable and qualitative benefits to adopting KCS. Consortium members who have implemented KCS in either their internal or external support organizations are reporting dramatic improvements in incident resolution and training times, in customer satisfaction, and in Support Analyst job satisfaction. As a result, they are realizing substantial savings in operating costs while seeing improvements in service levels.

They find they can:

  • Solve Cases and Incidents Faster

    • 50 - 60% improved time to resolution

    • 30 - 50% increase in first contact resolution

  • Optimize Use of Resources

    • 70% improved time to proficiency

    • 20 - 35% improved employee retention

    • 20 - 40% improvement in employee satisfaction

  • Enable eServices Strategy

    • Improve customer success and use of self-service

    • Up to 50% case deflection

  • Build Organizational Learning

    • Provide actionable information to product development about customer issues

    • 10% issue reduction due to root cause removal

People choose to adopt KCS because they see a need to scale and extend their support capabilities but do not have endless staffing or budget resources.

KCS breaks through the limitations of traditional support strategies and enables support organizations to deliver greater value with more efficiency. The secret? Capitalizing on what they already have: knowledge. This increased value is created and managed by capturing the collective experience of the support organization in solving problems and answering questions for customers. Making that knowledge reusable, and evolving it to reflect organizational-level knowledge creates huge leverage.

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Nice page. I have a few constructive comments.

Does anyone have "endless staffing or budget resources"? I find this statement trite.

Adding roles would strengthen this page. 'People choose to adopt KCS'. Who are the 'people'? Also, a discussion of the "why" behind employee sat. would be good here. What about this approach leads the content generators to like it better?
Posted 09:35, 14 Sep 2014
The savings are significant. Also really changes the dynamic from "your value is your knowledge" to "your value is your ability to create new quality knowledge, and re-use collective knowledge".
Posted 13:26, 16 Feb 2016
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