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How do I reschedule/cancel my KCS exams in Webassessor?


How do I reschedule or cancel my KCS exam in Webassessor?


  • To reschedule or cancel your exam, log into your KCS Academy Webassessor Account and once logged in, click "My Assessments"
  • Click on "Upcoming" and you will be allowed to cancel or re-schedule if you are before the 72 hour cancelation window. (for on-site proctor) and 24 hours in advance (for online-proctored)
  • If you are attempting to change the exam delivery method (ie Kryterion Test Center to Online-Proctored), you must cancel your exam for a refund and re-purchase. 
  • If your are attempting to change an exam in less than the 72 hour cancelation window, you will be charged a cancellation fee unless it is due to Kryterion Test Center closing.
  • If you were given a coupon code for a KCS Academy Exam from your company or trainer that is now expired, please contact for further instructions. Please provide coupon code used in the email.  This can only be done if it's before the cancelation window

Environment/Applies to

  • KCS v6 Practices Certification Exam
  • KCS v6 Trainer Certification Exam
  • Webassessor
  • Kryterion Test Center