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How does KCS affect case closure codes?

Question: How does KCS affect case closure codes? - Anonymous


We like to say, there are only two types of case (or incident) closure codes: those that are too general to be useful, and those that are too specific for people to use them properly.


When Responders are linking (or otherwise indicating reuse) accurately and consistently, link reporting gives you all of the benefits of case closure codes with only a fraction of the pain.


So, KCS can either eliminate case closure codes, or reduce them to a small number that might explain why the Responder didn't reuse knowledge: the customer never responded, we don't know what fixed the issue, a simple transaction, etc.  If you do this, you can drop these cases from your Link Rate (f/k/a Participation Rate) calculation.


KCS doesn't make all case metadata go away, but we've found that simplifying the case documentation can be a powerful WIIFM for Responders, and case closure codes are a good place to start.


- David Kay

11 September 2017

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