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How to offer KCS v6 Fundamentals Exams if we own the Corporate License


If you have signed the Unlimited Use License for the KCS v6 Fundamentals Online Course, and you would like to offer KCS v6 Fundamentals Certification Exams for employees who have taken that course, please see the following information.


  • How to purchase KCS v6 Fundamentals Exam if you own the corporate license
    • Please note: Even if you are running the course on your company's LMS system, in order to protect the integrity of the exam, it must be administered on the KCS Academy LMS.
  • Once you have purchased your Exams, you have two options for administering them (please let us know which one you would like by emailing
    • The KCS Academy can set up administrative access for you to administer exams
    • The KCS Academy can administer exams on your behalf
      • Submit individual names and email addresses to the KCS Academy for registration. The KCS Academy can run reports as requested
  • The KCS Academy will create and support a co-branded certification landing page for you, where your KCS v6 Fundamentals course will end.  The below images and contact information are customizable.

Screen Shot 2021-08-23 at 3.25.33 PM.png


Environment/Applies to

  • Unlimited Use License KCS v6 Fundamentals Course
  • KCS v6 Fundamentals Certification Exam
  • Co- Branded KCS Academy Site for Corporate Use