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2.3 Exit Criteria for Phase 2

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Phase 2 Activities


Readiness Evidence

KCS Training and Coaching successful

Rapid Article publication

80-90% of the Analysts are KCS Contributors or Certified KCS Publishers

Knowledge base being used 65% - 85%

Limited duplicate Articles


Participation rates level off between 65 and 85% (this rough range represents enough use of the knowledge base to sustain the methodology)

Articles being created and reused

More known Articles than new

Reuse of existing Articles is equal to or greater than creation rate

Technology Functional Specifications implemented

Optimal process drives how the work gets done, not the technology

Technology supports the workflow (through modifications to existing tools or acquisition of new tools)

Article Quality Index adhered to

High quality Articles

AQI average for the team is equal to or exceeding the  AQI target

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