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0.2 KCS Benefits

The KCS benefits are profound. KCS done well dramatically increases a support organization’s value proposition to customers and to the company.

KCS Benefits

KCS allows the support organization to resolve five to ten times more customer issues at the same or lower cost as well as identifying opportunities to improve the products based on the customer experience. 


The near-term benefits of KCS as experienced by the Consortium members who have adopted the methodology include:

  • Improved resolution times by 25 - 50%
  • Improved first call resolution and reduced escalations


Longer-term benefits include:

  • Dramatic improvement in user success with self-help via the web
  • Reduced training time for new employees
  • Improved Support Analyst skills, job satisfaction and confidence
  • Product improvements based on patterns and trends of the user experience


The degree to which the Support Analysts consistently capture, structure, reuse and improve knowledge as they resolve customer issues is directly related to the degree to which the organization will realize the benefits of KCS.  Maximizing and sustaining dramatic KCS benefits is fundamentally about people and their understanding, buy-in, beliefs and behaviors. The workflow model, content standard and technology are enablers.


We have found that people aren’t likely to do things if they don’t understand why they are doing them.  And therein lies the challenge. 


Coaching and validation of understanding through certification are important elements in promoting understanding and changing behaviors.   To fully realize KCS success, the Solve Loop practices (capture, structure, reuse, improve) have to become a habit for Support Analysts, not something they occasionally do, or something only some of them do. 


The Power of Certification

The KCS Academy now offers rigorous industry level certification programs for the roles defined in the KCS Practices Guide.  The certification programs validate that individuals have an operational understanding of the KCS methodology. The criteria and exams for certification were developed by the members of the Consortium with guidance from a psychometrician (expert in exam development and validation).


The organizations that have made use of the Academy’s certification programs are reaping the benefits of KCS.  Analysts who truly understand the methodology and how it can benefit them create and leverage better content than those who don’t.

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