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0.5 Adoption Success

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There is no single most important action that drives a successful KCS adoption.  Below are the critical components for success. 


  • Gain cross-functional buy-in and alignment through thoughtful and continuous communications
  • Develop content guidelines and workflows that support a just-in-time publishing model
  • Define and practice the workflow before going shopping to buy tools
  • Develop measures and baselines values for the expected results
  • Implement training, coaching and the certification programs for Support Analysts
  • Implement training programs for 1st and 2nd line managers


Many of the steps listed above are about creating understanding and buy-in of KCS by the Support Analysts and the managers. We cannot overemphasize the importance and need for communications.  Successful adoptions have implemented the KCS licensing model and training and certification programs to promote and assess understanding. 

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