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Technique 4.3: License to Modify

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Not everybody gets to do everything.  The KCS licensing model defines a knowledge worker's rights and privileges in the system. The licensing concept is discussed in the Performance Assessment Technique 7.1: Roles and Licensing Model.   Knowledge workers who show an understanding of the KCS concepts, content standard, and workflow, and an ability to consistently make good judgments earn the right to do more in the system.  While the licensing model varies from organization to organization, generally a knowledge worker with a KCS Publisher license means they can update the visibility attribute of an article to make it visible externally. 


Technology plays a critical role; the knowledge management tool must have the functionality to manage rights and privileges based on user profiles and license levels defined by the organization. For more information about the technology requirements, please see the KCS Verified documentation.

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In the sort of high trust environment in which KCS will thrive, we strongly believe that technology should not manage the rights and privileges of different license levels. We give people phones and trust them not to make prank calls; we give them email and trust them not to send confidential information; we give them web browsers and trust them not to go to inappropriate sites. In organizations that lock down tools, three bad things happen:
1. Tool implementation complexity increases, and usability often decreases
2. Provisioning users as they transition from license to license becomes an onerous task
3. Users are explicitly told they're not trusted to follow the process.

Not every organization has the trust required to not manage permissions in the tool...but as I read this principle (http://library.serviceinnovation.org/KCS_Kernel/020/040), those organizations already have hard cultural work to do to implement KCS.

We lay out this position in more detail here: http://www.dbkay.com/culture/technology-enable-not-enforce
Posted 00:18, 27 May 2016
While I agree conceptually with DKay, there can be articles that should not be visible to everyone, so technology is needed to provide the framework for KCS, not viewed as the control point?
Posted 21:34, 8 Jan 2017
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